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Rachel Pollack will be back in Potugal in May 2012 to give an Intensive Course of Tarot

Rachel will also do Tarot readings, individual and group mentoring

Rachel Pollack will be back in Portugal in May of 2012 for another Big Event. We will give more information very soon.

Rachel Pollack an  internationally distinguished Tarot professional, was in Portugal on October 2010 for an intensive course in Tarot, organized by the Inter Tarot House with the support of Tarot Professionals, and with the valuable collaboration of individuals and entities associated to the House.

These courses had a certificate signed by Rachel Pollack and with the trade marks House of Tarot and Tarosophy (Tarot Professionals).


Indian Rose
Espaço Salitre (directed by Louis Resin)
Alquimia do Ser (directed by Vera Faria Leal)
Kimon Tarotline
Vera Xavier

Centro São Rafael (directed by Helena Cristina)
Estrela Zen (directed by Ana Victoria)
Darshan Zen - Osho Meditation Center (directed by Darshan Rogéria Cruz)

 Contact  for informations: (+352) 96 0094558 or email.

Rachel Grace Pollack was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1945. She holds an honours degree in English from New York University, a Masters in English from Claremont Graduate School and has taught English at New York State University.

Rachel is considered one of the World's foremost authorities on the modern interpretation of the Tarot. She is also a poet, an award-winning novelist, and a Tarot card and comic book artist. She has published 12 books on the Tarot, including 78 Degrees of Wisdom (Thorsons, 1998), considered a modern classic and the Bible of Tarot reading. Its marriage of common sense, wide-ranging knowledge, and esoteric awareness have inspired many tens of thousands of readers worldwide to a deeper knowledge of the Tarot. (read more... )

Joao Caldeira
Founder and coordinator of the Lisbon Tarot House (Inter Tarot House)
Tarot reader and psychologist - contact: (+351) 960094558 or email


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