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How to become a Member of the Inter Tarot House - for people connected to Tarot and other related areas

The advantages

During these first months of the Inter Tarot  House (in Lisbon) we will accept a special group of Members: the Pioneers. They will always be special and cherished by its membership and the encouragement given to this project.

These first Pioneers will be the Fan Members with free membership.

Later we will open the possibility of becoming Regular Members, Professional Members or Comercial Members (business activities, book sellers, editors ...). There will be an annual fee that entitles these Members to receive lots of information on Tarot and other related disciplines, and having discounts on consultations, tarot readings and courses, and other activities organized by the Professionals and Comercial Members. Beeing a Regular, Professional or Comercial Member of the Inter Tarot House will automatically make you a Member of with all the other benefits that this international project has for you (click here and take a look).

It should be emphasized that the Inter Tarot House is not only open to people related to Tarot but as well to other related disciplines, Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Psychology and many more. The Tarot is not an island but part of a universe of disciplines in search of personal, social, cultural, spiritual growing... And in this context this project has a profound meaning.

The card chosen for this step in collaboration with Rachel Pollack (Honorable Member of the Inter Tarot House) was the Six of Stones (Six of Pentacles) from the deck she created: the Shining Tribe.

If you want to be one of the first members you can send us a message using the form in the column at the right or by clicking here. These first Pioneers will have the possibility of receiving special offers, and will have a discount if they will later want to upgrade to a  Regular, Professional or Commercial membership (payed membership).


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